About Us

International Distribution and Transport Ltd (ID&T) is a key player in international trade, we have thorough market knowledge in the UK and in every part of the world.
ID&T is a privately owned company offering shipping services of the highest quality, we were established in 2005.
We work with handpicked partners throughout the world to ensure your cargo be it an export or an import is handled in a personal way utilising the resources to be expected from a market leader.
Our philosophy is to provide what is expected but is increasingly hard to find: customer care and appreciation. We truly offer “service beyond the call.”
ID&T experience has taught us how to do the job right the first time and every time. We take the fear of the unknown away. We are employed for our specialist knowledge and wealth of experience we use these and give our customers the benefit.
In fast moving environment you need to adapt to changes as and when they occur. We offer the services of a multinational at a local level. We concentrate on what we are employed to do. ‘move freight for you’.
At ID&T the customer is important and our experienced dedicated staff are here to discuss any queries and advise what is best course of action to take.
Our customers are loyal and use us again and again. We have found that the personal touch still goes a long way.
We offer expertise in worldwide freight solutions.