Flexible warehousing services for UK importers / exporters.

Warehousing and Distribution – Safer and Faster with ID&T

As a full service logistics solutions provider, warehousing and distribution is a key ingredient of our service portfolio. We believe that the last leg of the logistics chain is as important as the rest of it. It is here that you can add value to a supply chain. Services such as quality management, pick and pack services and sub assemblies are some of the value additions that we offer. Most service providers might say no to customising your warehousing and distribution requirements. Check with ID&T and we just might have the perfect solution for you.

If cost is a constraint, we can arrange a milk run for your pickup and drop. ID&T also offers dedicated trucks if the requirement is urgent. We also provide pump trucks and tail lifts for off loading and loading of cargo.

Here is a description of the services we offer:

– Storage: Whether it is long term or just a few weeks of warehousing that you require, we have the space and the facilities for you.

  • Pick and Pack: You want to customise your deliveries with variable quantities or branded boxes, we have the solution for you. We also provide cross dock services and relabeling services.
  • Customs warehousing: If you want to use our facility for customs warehousing, we have the space and facility available.
  • Quality Management: Use our expertise to check the quality before delivery to ensure that the right products get delivered and there are minimal complaints from your clients.
  • Distribution: Daily deliveries across the UK – any size or weight, we have the trucking solution.

Get in touch with us today to understand how ID&T makes your supply chain efficient and faster.

Flexible warehousing services for UK importers / exporters.