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Import and Export Solutions Simplified with ID&T

Finding the right import and export logistics partner is the first step in getting your products from or to the international market in time. While it might sound simple, there are factors that you need to consider before you actually decide on a forwarder.

First, you need to check whether the forwarder has enough experience in the import and export logistics sector. Does the freight forwarder have customers in the same industry as yours?

Second, does the freight forwarder have a good agent in the country you plan to import and export to? Not having a good agent abroad, even if the forwarder claims it is their own network can be a logistical nightmare. You end up wasting a lot of time and spending well over the budgeted amount for shipping your goods. For example, importing from China can become complicated if the forwarder’s agent does not hold the right licenses or the pull to book space with the airline or shipping line. Importing from China by the global market means that there is too much of demand on too little cargo space. You end up waiting for your shipment and ultimately have to deal with lost business or goods that are not in their ideal condition as they have stayed at the terminal too long, just because your forwarder was not able to get space with the carrier.

Third, you need to check if your forwarder has enough expertise in the local market you are in. This is especially important when customs is involved or warehousing and distribution is critical to meeting your client’s requirements.

Import and Export the easy way!

International Distribution and Transport Ltd (ID&T) is UK’s leading 3rd party logistics company offering air and sea freight forwarding, warehousing and customs clearance. Our understanding of local logistics procedures in the UK along with our infrastructure and a strong international network means that your shipments are placed in the right hands when you work with ID&T.

Road freight importing and exporting to and from the UK.

ID&T: the professional UK import/export company

ID&T operate daily express and weekly services throughout Europe. We offer direct groupage and full load operations. We have coverage throughout the European Union and further afield into Eastern Europe.

Our main activities are groupage and less truck loads. We pick up goods consolidate cargo for the same destinations giving a cost effect way to move smaller cargo volumes.

We handle all types of cargo from 1kgs parcel to a 15000kgs case. Where cargo is larger it will be delivered directly by trailer. Smaller items will be off loaded at hub and delivered on smaller local vehicle.

Care of your cargo does not end when cargo is collected, with drivers being contactable we can have adjustments made to final delivery should to final requirements change once cargo has been initially collected. We truly offer “Service beyond the call” …