Professional customs services for UK importers and exporters.

ID&T’s Expert Customs Clearance Services

Without the right advice, a company who is interested in international trading might end up violating UK’s trade rules and paying penalties. Rules such as requirement of trade licences for certain products or industries, understanding the threshold limit for filing self declarations, ensuring correct documentation for a shipment (especially when the shipment is from/ going to outside the EU) are important in ensuring that the shipments are handled smoothly at the time of customs clearance.

How can ID&T help you in customs clearance?

Many importers and exporters spend a lot of time trying to understand a customs declaration form or trying to figure out how an import duty calculator works. When you have ID&T as your partner, we ensure that you have minimal pressure from handling customs clearance of your shipments. We help you in filing the right customs declaration and documentation, thereby ensuring that you comply with the UK laws. If you need help in exactly ascertaining the customs duty, get in touch with us rather than just depending on an import duty calculator which may not have been updated.

As a registered member of BIFA (British International Freight Associations), International Distribution and Transport Ltd (ID&T) follows the latest rules and procedures as laid out by the UK Government from time to time. We help you in preparing the form C88 also known as SAD (Single Administrative Document) and in VAT reclaim.

Documents required for customs clearance:

Unless otherwise specified, the following documents are required for customs clearance.

  • Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of Origin (To claim duty benefits)
  • Air Way Bill or Bill of Lading

If you would like to know more, get in touch with us and we will be happy to explain to you how ID&T can help your business comply with customs rules in the UK.

Professional customs services for UK importers and exporters.